JPL- 401 Portable Jump Light

JPL- 401 Portable Jump Light

The JPL-401 is a wireless, RF controlled portable jump light system designed for use on aircraft not already equipped with jump lights, or as a back-up for aircraft already equipped.
JPL-401 is designed to work from any position within the aircraft interior. The system operates at 915 Mhz, 12.5 dBm (max) and should not interfere with aircraft electrical or communication systems.

The standard JPL-401 kit comprises a Control Module (JCM-1), one Light Module (JLM-1), spare batteries and attachment accessories in a waterproof Pelican® case.

  • Control Module — Compact, handheld device includes an ON/OFF switch, RED & GREEN push-button switches with indicator LEDs, and a dimmer switch.
  • Light Module — Remotely activated device includes ON/OFF switch, RED/GREEN and/or infrared LEDs radiating through a translucent lens, and a dimmer switch.
  • Attachment/Mounting — A re-usable Velcro and bungee “Attach Patch” and selfadhesive Velcro patches provide for temporary mounting of the Light Module to aircraft structure at the door or ramp.


  • Prior to flight, ARM both modules and confirm RF linkage (small blue and amber LEDs illuminate on both modules).
  • Prior to reaching release point, push the RED (READY) button on the Control Module; the Light Module illuminates RED.
  • At release point, push the GREEN (GO) button on the Control Module; the Light Module turns from RED to GREEN. (An optional flashing GREEN ready signal immediately prior to the steady GREEN GO light can be made available on request.)
  • The jump can be aborted at any time by pushing the RED button on the Control Module—changing the Light Module to RED. The system cannot go directly to GREEN
    without first going to READY (RED).




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